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2011/03/21 - Finally, we have given this site a facelift

  • New menu system that simplifies navigation.
  • You can now save your own favorite channels.
  • A completely new system of moderation like the one we use in Radio and Games section.
    This will contribute to less spam and more channels to work properly.
    It will be possible for all who wish to begin to moderate.
    All you need is to first sign in on this site and then add two new channels, to prove that you are capable of moderating.
    You will then automatically access the moderation tool.

Sincerely, Staff.

2009/11/06 - Now possible to link to any channel on this site

It's a long time since I last changed something here, but today I changed the way you view the channels. It will no longer open in a popup! Which means it's now possible to LINK to any of the channels, like this for example:

I also made it easier to jump to popular channels of the same country or category!

2009/11/05 - Games?!

A new section of TOMA called Internet Games is under development by my father. Make sure to check it out!

2008/06/05 - What's happening?

Development of this project is currently paused since I have som health problems which makes using the computer very hard. I will probably take a long break and hopefully get well again sometime in the future.

2008/02/20 - Some information

The next plan in the development of this site is to add an online interface for moderators, so moderators can directly from this site update or delete channels and ban spammers. This is going to be a advanced system which when finished will improve the quality of this site a lot!

Read more about it here, and if you think you got what it takes to be a moderator then feel free to reply:

2008/01/31 - Welcome to this website!

Welcome to my new website!

I've now made the whole database used in my award-winning software available for online browsing too. This makes it more available than ever before and now you no longer need to install any software to take advantage of this huge online database with thousands of free online TV channels!

And keep in mind that this is the first version of the website (beta), it WILL be improved and filled with more features over time. But it might take some time since my arms hurts (yes, too much programming is not good for your health). But I didn't want to delay it anymore so please bear with me!

If you want to support and help the project then please donate since I'm planning to give the donations to the moderators which helps me keeping this database clean! :)

And if there is something you want to discuss then feel free to visit my forum:


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